About Us | Low-priced, top quality toner cartridges, printer and copier repair in Chicago

About Us | Low-priced, top quality toner cartridges, printer and copier repair in Chicago

Low-priced toner cartridges, printer and copier repair

Printer cartridges and copier toner are high-use products that need frequent replacement. The cost of name brand toner cartridges from the bog box stores inflates your business budget more than necessary. Also, the more printing and copying you do, the greater the need for printer and copier maintenance. With timely copier and printer repairs you will increase the life of your office equipment and reduce the need for frequently buying new machines.

Image Technologies offers quality remanufactured toner cartridges, printer and copier repair and maintenance in Orland Park, Alsip and Oak Forest, Chicago. Businesses of all sizes count on our low-priced but high-performance products and services to improve their output and bottom line.

What you should know about us…and what does it mean to you?

  • Expertise in remanufacturing copier and printer toner: We’ve invested in the latest technology and resources to provide quality toner cartridges at affordable rates. Our rebuilt printer and copier toners offer the same high performance as the top brands but at deeply discounted prices. Plus, we deliver and install to ensure that you’re getting the quality we promised.
  • Over 30 years of skilled repairs: We have more than 30 years of printer and copier repair experience. This means that whatever make or model you have, chances are we can restore its function.
  • Qualified, experienced and dedicated staff: Our IT technicians are among the best in the industry with several manufacturer training certifications to their credit. We constantly upgrade our skills to provide better service.
  • Guaranteed performance and customer satisfaction: Whether it’s replacement of toner cartridges, repair or maintenance of printers and copiers, we strive for your total satisfaction. Guaranteed performance (for the life of the cartridge), complimentary cleaning with every cartridge purchase and replacement of faulty toners are part of our regular service.
  • Reducing waste: Refilling and remanufacturing printer toner and copier toner reduces waste going to the landfill. It’s our way of giving back to the environment, and can be your contribution too.

Image Technologies is your one-stop shop for printer cartridges, copier toner, as well as repair and maintenance service. You don’t need to go anywhere; we come to you.

Call us at 708-844-8725 or request a quote for printer and copier toner, repair or maintenance.

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